Why do business in the Okanagan?

7 reasons the Okanagan is a great place for business

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Okanagan is a great place to do business.

The beautiful valley nestled in southern B.C. boasts wineries, ski hills, lakes and rolling vistas. It attracts skilled workers and tourists who have money to spend.

There is a major university, an international airport and restaurants to satisfy any foodie.

Business Finders Canada is based in Kelowna and we work with lots of people who want to relocate here.

Here are our top seven reasons to do business in the Okanagan Valley.

  1. People. The Okanagan is a tourism hub. The Kelowna International airport has been experiencing record growth year over year – often month over month. Tourists mean business opportunity. They visit hotels, restaurants, bars, gas stations and stores. They buy clothes, toiletries, souvenirs and experiences.
  2. Lifestyle. Who doesn’t want to live in a four-season playground? Okanagan lifestyle includes skiing, snowshoeing, boating, fishing, exploring. Our summer is hot and sunny. Our winter is mild and filled with activity.
  3. Economy. When it comes to entrepreneurs, the Okanagan reigns. Business licences have increased and unemployment is low. People here are working in a region with strong tech, tourism, medical and housing sectors. Commercial real estate is humming along. There are opportunities to buy and opportunities to sell.
  4. Health care. Wherever you are in the Okanagan, you’re close to top tier medical care. With three major hospitals and the Interior Heart and Surgical Centre, the region is home to top doctors and surgeons. It also has a thriving service industry that includes clinics, medical equipment suppliers and technical support.
  5. Culture. From marathons to concerts, festivals to sporting events, there are near-endless opportunities for sponsorships and volunteer involvement. Being active in the community is a great way to network, promote and enhance your lifestyle.
  6. Resources. The Okanagan has strong advocacy for business. Chambers of commerce are active throughout the region. The Okanagan Economic Development Commission keeps track of key indicators and young business people have their own collectives.
  7. Workforce. The Okanagan has a diverse workforce, ranging from skilled labour to summer students to contractors in every industry. The sunny Okanagan is constantly drawing smart, skilled dedicated people. We have a deep well of talent.

This isn’t to say there are a lot of other great places to do business. We help people buy and sell all over Western Canada. Kelowna is where Business Finders Canada was founded, and we love living here!

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