Business Finders Canada makes business and commercial property buying and selling a BETTER experience

Preparing your business for sale amplifies the likelihood of a successful transaction by 80%.

Selling your business is a complex process with many steps, each requiring meticulous attention to detail.

Potential pitfalls include confidentiality breaches, financing failures, and emotional volatility disrupting negotiations.

Our methodology boasts a success rate five times the industry average.

Risk Mitigation Strategies:

  • Confidentiality: Multi-layered security protocols and stringent NDAs to ensure uncompromising confidentiality.
  • Financial Vetting: Rigorous financial due diligence to pre-qualify buyers, mitigating the risk of last-minute financing failures.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Expertise in managing stakeholder emotions to prevent negotiation breakdowns.

By adhering to our proven approach, you not only mitigate risks but also substantially increase the probability of executing a successful sale.

Want to know how sellable your business might be?

Ready to sell your business?

This determines the top price a buyer might pay. The Probable Selling Price (PSP) provides a complete analysis of what your business is worth and what you might get from the sale. This document is more comprehensive and accurate than others on the market. Learn More.

Signing an exclusive listing agreement gives us the right to represent you in selling your business. All information provided is held in the strictest confidence and communicated to qualified buyers who have signed confidentiality agreements, along with lenders and professional advisors.

An Executive Summary package for your business is presented to qualified buyers. This package contains a detailed description of your business, including financial information, business specifics (location, assets, lease information), and pictures if appropriate.

Your approved Executive Summary package will be professionally and confidentially marketed to potential buyers. Your business listing will be posted on our and other major business opportunity websites.

Executive Summary packages are only shown to pre-qualified buyers. An interested buyer fills out an electronic non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and answers pre-qualifying questions. After a follow-up call, we control the documentation release, including when a potential buyer can view a document.

We screen all buyers and brokerage inquiries using our streamlined system, which can shorten the time it takes for a potential buyer to receive information by 80% compared to other brokerages. Once registered, qualified buyer screening includes Relevant Experience, Liquid Capital, Source of Liquid Capital, Credit Standing, and Motivation.

Business Finders Canada stays in close contact with you regarding buyers interested in your business including questions and offers. Tours can be scheduled with your approval. Buyers are consistently advised of the importance of confidentiality.

Our goal is to support you in evaluating offers from buyers. We work with lawyers and accountants to ensure all parties receive relevant information. The process starts with an offer or letter of intent. We look over the offer with you and provide some negotiation advice for a counteroffer or acceptance.

Get Your Business Ready to Sell

By preparing your business for sale, you have an 80% higher chance of selling it!