Buying a Business with Business Finders Canada

Are you thinking of buying a business? There has never been a better time, especially as the Baby Boomer generation transitions to retirement. If you want to become a business owner, Business Finders Canada is here to help. Our professional brokers will guide you through the business buying process. Opportunity awaits! Let Business Finders Canada be your trusted partner in navigating the exciting journey towards business ownership.

Seller – Full Disclosure

Full disclosure means when a seller chooses to list their business with our firm, they commit to providing comprehensive information:

  • Financial statements for the business spanning the last three years
  • Profit and Loss statements for the current fiscal year
  • A detailed inventory of tangible and intangible assets and liabilities
  • A comprehensive list of physical assets
  • Thorough lease information, lease duration, square footage, and rental costs
  • A fair and equitable purchase price for the business
  • Adequate training for the buyer, facilitated by the sellers
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Buyer – Full Disclosure

  • Present viable opportunities to you
  • Provide information and answer your questions
  • Facilitate negotiations with the seller(s)
  • Assist in securing financing for the purchase
  • Closing a sale promptly

Buyers can be confident working with our business brokers because they have received the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Value to a Buyer

We present business listings professionally, offering buyers objective business and financial information. Our commitment includes providing buyers with essential tools, forms, and documents to facilitate the creation of a Letter of Intent or an Offer to Purchase. Moreover, we collaborate closely with buyers’ legal and financial professionals, ensuring they have prompt access to key business information about our listings.

Our proactive approach in the pre-closing phase is geared towards laying the groundwork for a seamless transaction. We ensure buyers and sellers have the necessary information, contributing to a smooth and successful closing process.


When considering buying a business we have listed, note that the seller has already committed to covering any commissions or fees associated with the sale. That means no fees are charged to the buyer. However, it is possible to engage our services on a fee basis, even for a business not currently listed; potential sellers may agree to a limited listing and fee payment.

To begin this process, the first step is to become a Registered Buyer with Business Finders and explore our current businesses for sale. This initial registration provides valuable access to our network and opportunities, ensuring a seamless start to your business search.

Buying a business can be cost-effective

While some individuals like the challenge of building a business from the ground up, buying an existing business typically has several advantages, including name recognition, an established customer base, a reliable revenue stream, essential fixtures, furniture, and equipment, and a track record that proves invaluable when seeking financing.

Buy a Business with Business Finders

We have a variety of businesses for sale. One of our professional business brokers will guide you through the process. If you don’t find something of immediate interest, consider becoming a Registered Buyer. By doing so, we will automatically notify you of listings tailored to your preferences, ensuring you stay informed about opportunities that align with your interests. For insight into finding a business broker, click here.

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Looking to Buy Your Next Business?

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