Good idea, bad idea

When you’re selling or buying a business, there are good ideas and bad ideas.

Bad idea: Buying a business on a whim.

Good idea: Knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Buying a business may be the most important decision you’ll ever make. It’s a decision that will have a long-term impact on your lifestyle and your finances. Don’t be one of the people who buys a business that turns out to be wrong for them.

Bad idea: Selling your business without expert advice.

Good idea: Contacting an experienced business broker. Business Finders Canada has helped thousands of people throughout Western Canada buy and sell businesses.

Bad idea: Thinking the right buyer will just come along.

Good idea: Tapping into a stream of buyers. Business Finders Canada has a network of buyers who are financially approved and motivated to purchase the right business. We’re like real estate agents, but specialize in business and franchise opportunities. Matchmakers, in a sense.

Bad idea: Not having your business running in tip-top shape.

Good idea: Have a succession plan in place. When your business is running smoothly, the sale and transition will take less time and less money. An experienced business broker can help.

Bad idea: Letting everyone know you’re selling.

Good idea: Using a confidential business broker. Employees may get nervous if they learn that a business is for sale. Suppliers and creditors may also want to stop doing business with you if word gets out that you are selling.

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