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Myths held for millennials

Millennials have received more than their fair share of bad press.

That has apparently caused some business owners to wonder how millennials may fare in their workplace compared to other generations.

However, a recent poll by Insights West has debunked five commonly held beliefs about millennial-age workers. It found:

Myth: Millennials are unhappy and frustrated with their current employment situation.

Insights West says its poll of 2,040 Vancouver employees found millennials are “significantly more satisfied and more likely to recommend their current employer than Generation X.”

Myth: Millennials are more concerned about vacation time and work life balance.

Vacation time and flexibility of work hours are equally as important to all generations, including millennials – who range in age from 18 to 35 years old.

Myth: Millennials are frustrated with their future career opportunities and the level of autonomy in the workplace.

The polling company says that millennials are more satisfied with their opportunities for advancement and their freedom to make decisions, compared to Generation X.

Myth: Millennials feel they are entitled to higher pay.

Millennials are equally as likely to think they deserve to get paid more, according to the poll that was part of a larger Dream Employer study.

Myth: Millennials are more inclined to participate in charitable activities.

“Millennials are equally as likely to get involved in charitable activities at work,” says Insights West.

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