What is my business worth?

Maximize your business in just six months


We offer an unrivaled, intensive Value Builder Program with the sole and specific aim of making your business first class and noticeable within the marketplace. Ultimately making it a more attractive prospect to potential buyers.

Our program is founded on key tools combined with our expert knowledge and appreciation for every unique business. The program includes in depth analysis, explanation, and future planning, all clearly presented in an easy to use chart planner complete with full findings and invaluable advice.

We can assure with the Value Builder Program you will be able to sell your business faster, more easily and for more money!

Why? Building for your future

The benefits of choosing the Value Builder Program are clear. You have the attention of a highly talented broker who has a committed focus to your business and its future. Your broker will be able to transform your company into a more structured and documented business within six months.

This significantly increases its standing within the marketplace, its market value and greatly increases the chances of a successful sale.

By having a value centered focus, you can achieve:

        A business that can be sold for more money

        A business that can be sold more easily

        A business that can survive a management buyout

        A business that can survive a family succession

        A business with greater growth potential

        A business that can capitalize on a recession

        A business that is not operationally dependent upon its owner

It is true of any business that there will always be certain fundamentals that need to be in place to attract a serious buyer. In every scenario, the more fundamentals you can put in place the more attractive your business becomes.

Categorically we achieve reliable, measurable results throughout all the aspects of your business helping you to put as many of the fundamental aspects in place as possible. This will generate a position whereby you can achieve an extremely attractive return on your investment

The Product Understand how to make your product more valuable

The Program works to key objectives in crucial areas of your business and plots these clearly, for a six-monthly period in order to give structure and a pathway to follow. 

Five of our highest priority objectives are

          Transfer key customer and supplier relationships to the business itself and away from the owner.  

         Transition key operational activities to the business through the proper use of delegation, systems, and training. 

        Create a viable and marketable strategic plan for the future growth of the company. 

         Improve operational efficiencies and lay the foundation for increased profitability. 

       Support a purchaser’s ability to obtain acquisition financing.  

The fundamentals you will put into place with your broker are:

        Strategic goals for your business with a timed plan for executing those goals.

        An “executive dashboard” to monitor key performance indicators such as “hourly production values”.

        Organizational Chart with job descriptions and task lists attached to each employee’s position.

        Realistic and workable HR systems covering hiring, orientation, appraisals and disciplinary procedures.

        Efficient operational systems defining how to accomplish each key task.

        Effective sales methodologies and lead generating system

The areas of your business we concentrate on are Leadership, Management, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Sales. Within these we are careful to break down into subcategories giving each area the individual focus they deserve.

After the six-month period you can be assured of a well structured and documented business that is attractive to potential buyers, you will have maximized your business value and positioned it to sell faster, more easily and for a greater sum.

The valuer builder program is operated by a third party that BFC works exclusively with.   (additional fees may apply)