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Selling Your Business – Share Sale vs. Asset Sale

Expert Guidance by Business Finders Canada – Selling your business is a big moment full of decisions. Two main paths you can take are selling the shares of your company or selling its assets. This analysis delves into the intricacies of both options, providing sellers with a sophisticated framework to make an informed decision.

Selling Your Business – Share Sale: A Comprehensive Transfer Strategy

In a share sale, the seller transfers the company’s shares, effectively handing over the business in its entirety, including all assets, liabilities, and operational frameworks.

Critical Attributes

  • Totality of Transfer: The buyer acquires a controlling interest in the entity, encompassing all operational facets.
  • Liability Assumption: The buyer inherits all existing liabilities, both overt and latent.
  • Tax Efficiency: Often results in capital gains tax advantages for sellers, subject to specific tax jurisdictions and conditions.
  • Transactional Simplicity: Involves a straightforward transfer of share ownership, bypassing the complexities of individual asset transfers.

Advantages and Limitations

Capital gains tax optimizationFinding buyers willing to assume comprehensive liabilities
Reduced legal complexityInflexibility in excluding specific assets or liabilities
Strategic attractiveness to certain buyersPotential devaluation due to assumed liabilities

Selling Your Business – Asset Sale: A Targeted Asset Transfer Strategy

An asset sale entails the piecemeal sale of individual business assets and liabilities. This method offers a tailored approach, allowing for the segregation of assets and liabilities. Selling a small business? Learn more about the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption.

Critical Attributes

  • Selective Divestiture: Enables the seller to transact specific assets and liabilities.
  • Control over Liabilities: Sellers maintain liabilities not explicitly transferred.
  • Tax Considerations: May incur varied tax rates on different asset types, potentially leading to a higher tax burden.
  • Transactional Complexity: Necessitates detailed legal processes for each asset, increasing administrative overhead

Advantages and Limitations

Tailored asset/liability transferHigher potential tax implications
Deal structuring flexibilityIncreased legal and administrative complexity
Potential for higher valuation of high-demand assetsRisk of residual, unsold assets

Strategic Decision-Making Framework for Sellers

  1. Alignment with Business Objectives: Evaluate how each option aligns with long-term strategic goals.
  2. Market Dynamics Analysis: Assess current market trends to determine the most favorable approach.
  3. Buyer’s Perspective Consideration: Understand potential buyers’ preferences and their implications on the sale.
  4. Comprehensive Legal and Tax Assessment: Engage with specialized professionals to navigate the complex legal and tax landscape.

The choice between a share sale and an asset sale is a strategic decision that demands a deep understanding of the business’s operational, financial, and legal dimensions. Sellers must evaluate each option, considering the broader implications for their business objectives and market dynamics. Engaging with seasoned professionals in legal, tax, and business brokerage, such as Business Finders Canada, is imperative to navigate this intricate decision-making landscape effectively.

For further insights and personalized consultation on business sales strategies, visit BusinessFindersCanada.com. We are experts in valuation, business brokering, and selling your business.

Buying a Business – Immigrant Success in BC

As many BC business owners retire, a growing number of opportunities are emerging for individuals buying a business in British Columbia.

Business Finders Canada recognizes that talented immigrants arrive in Canada every year with extensive business experience and financial resources. Immigrants often face challenges in securing traditional employment due to a lack of ‘Canadian Experience.’ Business Finders Canada offers immigrants the opportunity to buy a business and embark on a new career journey in Canada.

Business Immigration Program

The Business Immigration Program is designed to attract seasoned business professionals to Canada; individuals who can contribute to the growth of a robust and prosperous Canadian economy.

Regulations govern immigrants seeking to establish or expand businesses in British Columbia. There are numerous programs available to help investors obtain the necessary permissions to buy a business. Through these programs, it is possible to speed up the process of obtaining permanent resident status, enabling immigrants to engage in business activities.

Immigrating to BC – Buying a Business

British Columbia facilitates the selection of candidates who can bring the highest value to the area. This streamlines the process of identifying potential investors who will make significant contributions to the local economy.

Business Finders Canada works with immigration consultants to assist entrepreneurs immigrating to British Columbia in finding a suitable business to buy tailored to their background and preferences. We possess expertise in navigating these programs and have a successful track record of assisting immigrants through the Entrepreneur Programs.

British Columbia’s Business and Investor Immigration Programs

If you are a business person or manager seeking to immigrate to Canada, the Business/Investor Immigration Program could be a crucial fast-track immigration pathway for you. This program aims to attract individuals with business and managerial experience who can make significant contributions to the Canadian economy.

The primary requirement for this program is that the foreign national must own a business in Canada and hold a controlling interest of more than 50% of the shares.

Other Requirements

  • A comprehensive business plan demonstrating funding strategies and job creation/maintenance
  • Active involvement in business management, not passive investment
  • A position matching the foreign national’s qualifications and experience, with a wage at or above the median wage for the role
  • Employing at least one Canadian or permanent resident, ideally within the first year as outlined in the business plan

Note: These requirements are applicable across Canada.

Are you an immigrant interested in buying a business or investing in a business in Canada? Contact us today. Kelowna Office: 1-250-491-1111 – Toll-Free 1-888-377-8009. Fill out our contact form. View our listings here.

Buying a Business with Business Finders Canada

Thinking of buying a business? There has never been a better time, especially as the Baby Boomer generation transitions to retirement. If you want to become a business owner, Business Finders Canada is here to help. Our professional brokers will guide you through the business buying process. Opportunity awaits! Let Business Finders Canada be your trusted partner in navigating the exciting journey towards business ownership. View our listings.

Seller – Full Disclosure

Full disclosure means when a seller chooses to list their business with our firm, they commit to providing comprehensive information:

  • Financial statements for the business spanning the last three years
  • Profit and Loss statements for the current fiscal year
  • A detailed inventory of tangible and intangible assets and liabilities
  • A comprehensive list of physical assets
  • Thorough lease information, lease duration, square footage, and rental costs
  • A fair and equitable purchase price for the business
  • Adequate training for the buyer, facilitated by the sellers
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Buyer – Full Disclosure

  • Present viable opportunities to you
  • Provide information and answer your questions
  • Facilitate negotiations with the seller(s)
  • Assist in securing financing for the purchase
  • Closing a sale promptly

Buyers can be confident working with our business brokers because they have received the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Value to a Buyer

We present business listings in a professional format, offering buyers objective business and financial information. Our commitment includes providing buyers with essential tools, forms, and documents to facilitate the creation of a Letter of Intent or an Offer to Purchase. Moreover, we collaborate closely with buyers’ legal and financial professionals, ensuring they have prompt access to key business information about our listings.

Our proactive approach in the pre-closing phase is geared towards laying the groundwork for a seamless transaction. We diligently work to ensure that both buyers and sellers are equipped with the necessary information, contributing to a smooth and successful closing process.


When considering buying a business we have listed, note that the seller has already committed to covering any commissions or fees associated with the sale. That means no fees are charged to the buyer. However, it is also possible to engage our services on a fee basis to identify businesses for you to purchase, even those not currently listed with us. In such instances, potential sellers may agree to a limited listing and the payment of the fee.

To begin this process, the first step is to become a Registered Buyer with Business Finders and explore our current businesses for sale. This initial registration provides you with valuable access to our network and opportunities, ensuring a seamless start to your business search.

Buying a business can be cost-effective

While some individuals relish the challenge of building a business from the ground up, buying an established business is a great alternative. An existing business typically comes with several advantages, including name recognition, an established customer base, a reliable revenue stream, essential fixtures, furniture, and equipment, and, notably, a track record that proves invaluable when seeking financing.

Buy a Business with Business Finders

We have a variety of businesses for sale. One of our professional business brokers will guide you through the process. If you don’t find something of immediate interest, consider becoming a Registered Buyer. By doing so, we will automatically notify you of listings tailored to your preferences, ensuring you stay informed about opportunities that align with your interests.

Contact us today. Kelowna Office: 1-250-491-1111 – Toll Free 1-888-377-8009 Fill out our contact form. View our listings.

Myths held for millennials

Millennials have received more than their fair share of bad press.

That has apparently caused some business owners to wonder how millennials may fare in their workplace compared to other generations.

However, a recent poll by Insights West has debunked five commonly held beliefs about millennial-age workers. It found:

Myth: Millennials are unhappy and frustrated with their current employment situation.

Insights West says its poll of 2,040 Vancouver employees found millennials are “significantly more satisfied and more likely to recommend their current employer than Generation X.”

Myth: Millennials are more concerned about vacation time and work life balance.

Vacation time and flexibility of work hours are equally as important to all generations, including millennials – who range in age from 18 to 35 years old.

Myth: Millennials are frustrated with their future career opportunities and the level of autonomy in the workplace.

The polling company says that millennials are more satisfied with their opportunities for advancement and their freedom to make decisions, compared to Generation X.

Myth: Millennials feel they are entitled to higher pay.

Millennials are equally as likely to think they deserve to get paid more, according to the poll that was part of a larger Dream Employer study.

Myth: Millennials are more inclined to participate in charitable activities.

“Millennials are equally as likely to get involved in charitable activities at work,” says Insights West.

How well a workplace functions on its own is a key factor in determining the value when you sell. An experienced business broker can help you determine the value of your business and help you prepare for sale.

For experienced advice, contact Business Finders Canada now at 1-888-377-8009.

Selling a Business – Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

As Canada greys, more business owners are looking to sell

This is an unprecedented time in Canadian business.

Businesses are starting to change hands; passing from a greying Canada into the hands of a younger generation.

study done by the Business Development Bank of Canada points to a massive turnover in the ownership of small businesses over the next five years.

“Four out of 10 entrepreneurs in Canada plan to step away from their businesses,” says BDC.

“Small and mid-sized business owners are older than the rest of the workforce.”

Consider this: Canada’s median age has climbed from 35 years in 1996 to 41 in 2016, and will reach 44 in 2031, according to Statistics Canada.

Look at a few more numbers:

  • Almost 60 percent of those who own small and mid-sized businesses are 50 or older.
  • Four out of 10 entrepreneurs in Canada are likely to leave their businesses within the next five years, up from one in three in the mid-2000s. The main reason is retirement.

That means the opportunity is knocking for both sellers and buyers.

It also means business owners will have to face tough decisions.

As they think about retirement, they will have to consider their exit strategy, which could include family succession, a management buyout, a sale to a third party, and the worst-case scenario of winding down the business and selling off the assets.

“One overriding message is clear from our research: succession planning is not easy, and it requires more time and more resources than most business owners might expect,” says BDC.

“As with selling a home, the business may require some ‘staging’ to make it more attractive to buyers. Those willing to put in the necessary time and effort are likely to be well rewarded.”

A professional business broker can make a big difference in whether a seller will succeed. We’ve helped hundreds of people through this process and can help you prepare for sale.

We’ve also helped hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their dream of buying a business.

Selling and buying a business is a complicated process.

Together, the brokers at Business Finders Canada have more than 200 years of experience in the industry.

More and more people turning to a business broker for expert advice on all kinds of issues, including properly valuing their business and getting ready to go on the market.

When it comes down to it, buying a business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Business Finders Canada is here to help.

More information about business brokers.

What kind of business should I buy?

Buying a business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make – and one not to be rushed into.

There are several options open to you.

It’s important you do your research to make sure you’re buying the right type of business for you and that you pay the right price for it. At Business Finders Canada, our professional business brokers will help you throughout the process.

Buying an existing business may be better for you than starting from scratch. The main reasons are it can take you twice as long and it can cost twice as much to start a brand new business.

Some of the benefits of buying an existing business include:

  • Immediate sales – As soon as the deal closes, you could be generating income from the first day, if customers are invoiced.
  • Easier to get credit – Banks are more comfortable lending to existing businesses.
  • Staff and systems – It can take many months to find and train employees and set up processes to operate a business.

Once you’ve established that buying a business is the right road for you, it’s time to decide what kind of business is right for you: a franchise or an independent business.

There are pros and cons to both.


Generally, franchises have a proven concept. They are established businesses that have grown successful enough to require more locations. That also means they have an existing customer base that’s familiar with the brand.

Franchises often come with help for setup and training. The parent company already has things like equipment, uniforms, and advertising in place, saving time and money developing your own.

On the negative side, there are rules and regulations to follow, so you won’t have total autonomy. You’ll also have to pay a percentage of the revenues to the parent company.

Independent Business

With a traditional business, you’ll have much more control over rules and processes. There are no fees to pay and the revenues will stay with you.

You set the direction of the business, which means that you can be more flexible in taking advantage of opportunities that open up in the market.

However, the risk can be greater, too. The fate of the business rests entirely on your shoulders.

When it comes to deciding what type of business is best for you, it’s important to evaluate your background and characteristics.

Ask yourself what kind of risk you’re comfortable with, what industry your skillset best lends itself to, and how well you can manage people.

At Business Finders Canada, we’ve developed a proprietary buyer profile that will give you a greater chance at success. Contact us for professional and experienced help.

For experienced advice on buying a business that is right for you, contact Business Finders Canada now at 250-491-1111. Search our business listings for sale.

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What is a business broker?

Selling and buying a business is complicated.

If you don’t have a guide, you’re apt to get lost. Think of a business broker as a tour guide, navigating buyers and sellers through a complicated landscape.

A business broker is a real estate agent, but specializes in selling existing businesses and franchises.

Together, the brokers at Business Finders Canada have more than 200 years of experience in the industry.

We’ve seen more and more people turning to a business broker for expert advice on all kinds of issues, including properly valuing their business and getting a business ready to go on the market.

When it comes down to it, buying a business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It will have a long-term impact on lifestyle and finances.

For sellers who have poured their life into the business, selling can be a delicate matter that can have an impact on employees, creditors and suppliers.

Confidentiality is key in protecting company assets, credit and marketability.

Business Finders Canada provides confidential services to business owners and business buyers. In fact, we keep a directory of pre-qualified buyers who are actively looking and have signed a confidentiality agreement.

A business broker can help with every aspect of sale, from pricing your business to marketing to the right buyer.

A business broker can also act as an intermediary between a seller and buyer.

Our brokers have in inside track into listings you couldn’t discover on your own.

They act as matchmaker, bringing sellers and buyers together, then closing deals efficiently and to the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers.

When selling your business, your focus should stay on keeping it running smoothly. You can feel confident leaving the marketing and negotiating to an experienced business broker.

For experienced advice, contact Business Finders Canada now at 1-888-377-8009.

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