Now is the time to open a Commercial Business Brokerage

Business Brokers have never been in higher demand.

Baby boomers are the wealthiest generation in history and they’re about to pass down those riches over the next 5-10 years. It’s the so-called great wealth transfer and the largest transition of wealth in history. However, that exchange might not be as large as hoped if business owners don’t start planning their exit.

80% of Canadians are concerned about Retirement

Only 20% of businesses on the market actual sold

88% of all business owners had no written transition plan?

Another reason to call Business Finders Canada

We SELL 74% of what we list.    

That's 5x more than the industry average.

* from 2016-2019 MLS - 672 listed businesses only 89 Sales – 13.25% sell through

During this Transition Established Brokerages will lead the way.

Business Finders Canada is perfectly positioned. It has been honing its proprietary systems to connect buyers and sellers better, and with a much greater success than the industry standard. The brand name is established and trusted. Owning a Business Finders Canada Franchise will give you access to our industries leading system.

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